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  Our Offerings...

Our Services Are…

  • Market Entry

  • Market Development

  • Market Research

  • Industry Partner Engagement

  • Contract Manufacturer Selection

  • Supplier Selection

  • Compliance Audits

  • Technology Commercialization

  • Research Industry Collaborations

  • Business Delegations

  • Client Representations

  • Corporate Trainings

  • Events & Promotions

  • Contest Assessments


Our Industry Exposure:

  • FMCG, Retail & Agro

  • B2B & Industrial

  • Telecom & Technology

  • Automotive & Auto Consumables

  • Consumer Durables

  • Education & Training

  • Media & Entertainment

  • Healthcare & Social Development


PGI Solutions Related To Market Entry & Market Development Initiatives:

We can help you in the formulation of

  • Market Entry Strategy

  • Business Plan

  • Marketing Plan

We can help you in identifying suitable

  • Importers

  • Distributors/Dealers

  • Franchisee

  • Investors

  • Industry Collaborators

  • Contract Manufacturers

  • Suppliers

  • Agents

We can help you in conducting Audits and Compliance Assessments considering

  • Product Stocks

  • Retail Floors

  • Suppliers

  • Product Quality

  • Front-end Processes

We can help in organizing Delegation Visits hosted by  

  • Industry Associations/Apex Bodies

  • Universities/Institutes

  • Government Departments/Ministries

  • Companies

As Authorized Client Representatives, we can represent our clients in India and provide access related to

  • Meeting Potential Prospects/Partners in India

  • Follow-up with Government Authorities for Regulatory Approvals/Certifications

  • Ensuring Proper Implementation of the Strategic Plans in India

We can help our Technology Research clients with end to end consulting solution focused on

  • Research – Industry Collaborations

  • Institutional Initiatives

  • Technology Transfer/Commercialization

We can organize Events on behalf of our clients, such as

  • Trade Fairs/Exhibitions

  • Promotions/Schemes


PGI Solutions Related To Market Research Initiatives:

Market Related

  • Market Potential

  • Market Feasibility

  • Assessment of Market Performance


Brand Related

  • Brand Strategy & Planning

  • Development of Brand Communication Initiatives

  • Brand Communication Effectiveness

  • Brand Evaluation


Consumer Related

  • Consumer Understanding

  • Market Segmentation

  • Demand Estimation

  • Customer Purchase Decision Making

  • Product Pricing

  • Valuespace Evaluation

  • Benefit Structuring

  • Needgap Explorations

  • User Experience/Consumer Feedback


New Product Development Related

  • Ideation & Conceptualization

  • Evaluation {Concept Product Tests, Packaging Tests, Simulated Test Marketing}

  • Offer Optimization


Front End (Dealer, Distributor, Sales, Service) Partners Related

  • Need Gap Exploration

  • Accreditation/Engagement Programs 

  • Performance Evaluation


Stakeholders (Customers, Employees, Dealers, Distributors) Related

  • Assessments of Satisfaction & Loyalty Levels


Front-End Touch Point (Customer Centric) Process Related

  • Customer Experience

  • Process Exploration/Prioritization/Optimization

  • Process Training & Implementation

  • Performance Evaluation


Marketing Issue Related

  • Sales Leakage

  • Market Intelligence


Corporate Goodwill Related

  • Corporate Reputation

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • General Public Opinion


Considering all of the above mentioned Market Research initiatives, we can help you in

Conducting the overall program/initiative

Suggesting corrective measures wherever required, based on our understanding

Proper/smooth implementation of planned actions 



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